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The Laundry Dome

The Laundry Dome
Laundry Dome - Use Indoors Or OutdoorsLaundry Dome - Will Dry Clothes Even On Wet Days
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The Laundry Dome allows laundry to be dried quickly and conveniently even in the rain!

Simply assemble your clothes drying rack or airer inside the Laundry Dome, unzip both front and rear panels fractionally near the top to allow the moist warm air to escape - you'll be amazed just how quickly your clothes will dry.

What's more you don't have to rush home to bring in the washing if it rains - yes, Laundry Dome allows laundry to dry even in the rain!

Tests have shown that washing can dry significantly quicker when in the the Laundry Dome. It uses a known scientific phenomenon often referred to as the "greenhouse effect".

Even on cloudy days (in fact even if it's raining) daylight radiation increases the temperature inside the Laundry Dome allowing laundry to dry more rapidly.

Electric tumble driers are expensive to run: the Laundry Dome using only the rays of the sun is completely free.

Dimensions (H)65.7" x (D)31.5" x (W)78.7"
Inside Space Over 2 Cubic Feet
Can Be Secured To A Wall Screws And Wall Plugs Provided
Freestanding Guy Ropes And Pegs Included
Features Benefits
Over 6.5cubic ft. Of Space Big Enough For Most Drying Racks
Mesh Door Excellent Ventilation
Sewn Plastic Ground Sheet with Mesh Drainage Panel For Drips and Spillages
Front and Rear Zipped Door Panels Quick and Easy Access
Modular Design Two Or More Can Be Zipped To Extend Drying Space
Laundry Dome - Also Perfect For Small Balconies
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